ScanaTemp AI

State of the art all-in-one fire, heat, sound and motion sensor with an onboard AI processor for pinpoint flame detection.

(Custom order to detect other objects)

  • Flame Detection
  • Heat sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Sound monitor
  • 2.8 inch touch LCD
  • Built-in alarm
  • Remote alarm notifications using MQTT, Email and Webhook

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Flame & Heat Detection

  • Detect the existence of a flame using an advanced integrated AI engine
  • Advanced thermal sensor detects unsafe temperature sources which can lead to a fire
  • Reports the highest and lowest and ambient  temperature

Motion Sensor

  • Detect motions in the environment even when there is no light

Noise Detection

  • Monitors sound in the environment
  • Can generate an alarm when a loud sound is detected
  • Detect explosions, glass breaking and intruders

Detailed Reports

  • Record a pre and post alarm snapshot photo in addition to sound when the alarm was generated
  • Reports the highest and lowest and ambient  temperature
  • Easy email notification setup

Easy Integration

  • 2.4Ghz 802.11b wireless WiFi enabled
  • Report alarms to a server using a GET HTML URL
  • Amazon Home integration coming soon

Added insurance for any situation