ScanaTemp for Schools

Free ScanaTemp for Schools

Schools using ScanaTemp to keep staff and students safe:

  • Highland Oaks Elementary School, TN
  • Central High School, TN
  • Lowrance School, TN
  • Macon Hall Elementary, TN
  • Snowden School, TN
  • Douglass K8 Optional School, TN
  • Peabody Elementary School, TN
  • Boys Home of Virginia, VA


We started ScanaTemp with the mission of supporting schools and food banks. We understand the financial limitations of these institutions, therefore, we are working with donors that are willing to donate ScanaTemp units to schools.

Knowing that vaccinations for children will still take some time, our goal is to give 500 ScanaTemp units for free to schools by August 15, 2021. There are no conditions attached, this is our commitment along with our donors to allow our children to get back to school safely.

If you are interested in this “Free ScanaTemp for Schools” initiative, please register your school and we will put you on the list to receive one.